Bridgid Mulrooney


Interior Designer

Bridgid Mulrooney brings to Mulrooney a+d an abiding focus on client goals, helping to transform their spaces to the desired end. She ensures that her design creates a cohesive space that evokes the client’s culture, with each project approached individually.

Bridgid finds design inspiration via in-depth client conversations, which help her to determine the types of environments they truly want to inhabit. She is driven by all facets of design, including the behavioral psychology behind space use and applications of color theory to specific company cultures. Bridgid challenges herself to find options that meet all the requirements a client may not have found easy to articulate.

Bridgid is highly comfortable designing full offices, building lobbies and public spaces. She has worked with clients in a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare services, consumer products, financial and insurance services, and communication agencies in both the downtown and greater Boston area.